Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Holding Our Roots in a Cultural Storm
When we ask “What comes to mind when you think of Korea?,” most foreigners respond “Nothing” and some of them think negative images like the Korean War, dictatorships, protests and corruption. Unfortu
Campus News
DWU Offers Free Counseling to Students
Do you have something on your mind that cannot tell anyone? Have you ever experienced the inability to find anyone that you can make a phone call when
Read Books and Get a Prize
DWU library will host the 19th ‘Extensive Reading Award’ in early December for students’ convenience; final exam. The Extensive Reading Award has been
Dishonorable but Inevitable Decision for DWU
Just before the second semester begins, news articles mentioning DWU were headline on the first page of on-line websites. The sensational news was about the 2015 universi
On Campus
DWU Promotion Needs Identity ;Global DWU Based on 93 Years of Tradition
The school advertisement for Duksung Women’s University was recently remodeled. The former poster was a black-and-white picture of two DWU students hugging each other, it
DS Student Club
Are You Interested in the Economy and Investment?
Do you know the Investment Value club 'Issue?' Issue is a student club that studies economics and investment. However, y
Can You Fall in Love with a Non-Human?
Can you imagine that you are falling love with an operating system (OS)? Probably, it is awkward to think about having such a relationship with it.
Find a different side of Germany
Novelist Goethe, Philosopher Kant, Composer Beethoven…these men are people that Germany produced. Not only prominence of pure learning but many Germans won Nobel prizes i
Ashoka’s Peace
Perception and reality of peace seem to be two different things. Recent Global Peace Index 2014 report surprised many as only 9 countries in the world
Global Issues
AFC: Are You Ready to Enjoy?
I am sure that everyone likes sports – watch, play, analyze, bet, and enjoy. Sports is a big world festival. As we say farewell to the 2014 Braz
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